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The Accredited Registers Scheme for Healthcare Professions ("AR Scheme")

The Accreditation Mark

Healthcare professional organisations granted with full or conditional accreditation will be allowed to use an Accreditation Mark and the related titles during the valid period.  The Accreditation Mark can be used on the organisations’ websites and Certificates of Registration issued to their members.  A healthcare professional body holding a valid Accreditation Mark means that the professional body meets the robust standards in governance, operational effectiveness, standards for registrants, education and training, and management of the register endorsed by the Department of Health.

Benefits of the AR Scheme

For members of the public, employers, or anyone looking for a healthcare professional/ service provider, choosing healthcare practitioners registered with accredited healthcare professional bodies will give you confidence, because

  • the organisation has been assessed against the a set of robust standards and is accredited under the AR Scheme;
  • the accredited organisation is committed to safeguard public’s health, and will take action when necessary to protect the public;
  • the accredited organisation manages the register of its own profession, assesses the professional competency of its registrants to ensure they are fit for practice, and has clear and fair mechanisms for handling complaints; and
  • the accredited organisation will display clear and accurate information on its registrants, and will inform the public promptly on any changes in the register.

For healthcare professional organisations, becoming accredited by the AR Scheme means that

  • your organisation is committed to safeguard public’s health by ensuring high standards in governance and professional competency of your members;
  • your organisation has undergone rigorous assessment by the independent Accreditation Agent appointed by the Government and been proven the compliance with the accreditation standards;
  • the name and link to the website of your organisation will be posted on the “List of Accredited Healthcare Professional Bodies”; and
  • your organisation will be permitted to use the Accreditation Mark for public recognition.

For healthcare professionals, becoming a registered member of an accredited healthcare professional body means that

  • you are a part of a professional organisation that is committed to safeguard public’s health and service quality and has been assessed and accredited by an independent Accreditation Agent appointed by the Government;
  • you have met the educational and training requirements as well as other standards set by a healthcare professional body accredited by the AR Scheme;
  • you are permitted to use the title “[Profession] in Accredited Register” on your name card; and
  • you will be listed on the register of an accredited healthcare professional body that is accessible by the public.